Our Philosophy

We won't settle for anything less than the best.

We aren’t here to just get patents issued. Our goal is to obtain ironclad patent protection for our clients' technology. We have the technical depth to understand the technology and the legal depth to properly protect it.

We place quality over quantity.

We never sacrifice quality for quantity. We provide more than is expected to keep professionalism in our profession.

We aren't a patent mill.

We don’t just prosecute applications that are drafted in Asia and Europe. We meet with inventors, learn the technology, and craft original patent applications for our clients.

We pride ourselves in being service providers.

Producing quality work product is only half the job. The other half is service. We strive to make our clients' lives easier by listening intently, anticipating needs, and going the extra mile on each task.

We love the hard cases.

The wheat is separated from the chaff when handling the most complex and cutting edge technologies. We handle the hard stuff, and our clients reward us for it. Staying on the cutting edge keeps the job interesting, our minds sharp, and our clients coming back for more.

We respect each other.

We are lucky to work with people whom we respect professionally and consider as friends. Many of us were friends before we began working together.

We choose substance over form.

We don’t have many suits or ties. People perform best when operating outside of formality and inside a comfortable environment. Plus, our clients would laugh at us if we showed up to an inventor meeting looking like we were going to court.

Our future is bright.

Our commitment to service and quality has translated to one of the best and fastest growing firms in the country. We are just getting started. There is tremendous potential for bright new stars and laterals who need a new start.

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